Nine Tailed Fox Necklace

Dive into the enchanting world of mythical elegance with our Nine Tailed Fox Necklace collection. At Rhys May Jewelry, we breathe life into legendary tales, crafting pieces that are not only visually arresting but hold profound symbolism.

Why Choose a Nine Tailed Fox Necklace from Rhys May Jewelry?

  • Authenticity & Artistry: Our Hand Carved Nine Tail Fox Necklace is a masterpiece sculpted with minute detailing, ensuring its exclusivity.
  • Color Variety: From the mesmerizing green hue to the pure and pristine white, choose what aligns with your aura.
  • High-Quality Materials: Crafted from premium materials that promise durability and a lustrous finish.
  • Symbolism: A beacon of protection, grace, and magical allure, our necklaces encapsulate the essence of the nine-tailed fox.

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The Nine Tailed Fox: More Than Just a Myth

The Nine Tailed Fox, a revered figure in various Asian mythologies, stands as an emblem of grace, allure, and mystery.

At Rhys May Jewelry, our collection captures this enigma perfectly, turning the mystique of this age-old legend into a wearable piece of luxury.

The meticulously carved patterns, combined with premium materials, bring forth an embodiment of this legendary creature’s magic and beauty.

With each piece, wearers don’t just don an accessory; they embrace a legacy.

Pair this necklace with our exquisite Gold Turtle Pendant for a harmonious blend of myth and marine elegance.

Deep Dive: The Myth of the Nine Tailed Fox

The legend of the Nine Tailed Fox spans multiple cultures, depicting the creature as a symbol of transformation, intelligence, and sometimes mischief. Our necklaces are designed to capture its many facets, presenting it as a harmonious blend of beauty and myth.

FAQs of our Nine Tailed Fox Necklace

Premium-quality materials, ensuring longevity and a brilliant shine.

Yes, our necklaces are crafted with hypoallergenic materials, ensuring comfort for all skin types.

The design remains consistent; only the primary color varies.


Embrace the world of myths with our Nine Tailed Fox Necklace Collection. At Rhys May Jewelry, we don’t just sell jewelry; we offer pieces of art, tales of old, and tokens of grace. Join us in this journey of luxe, lore, and luster.

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