Double Lobe Piercing Ideas: Top 10 Styles for 2nd Earring

Double Lobe Piercing Ideas

As someone with double lobe piercings, I’ve seen them as more than just a trend; they’re fun and stylish.

From the moment I got them, I’ve been searching for the perfect earrings that truly speak to my style.

Whether you’re drawn to sleek, understated studs or eye-catching, eclectic designs, double lobe piercings open up a world of fashion possibilities.

In this blog, I’m excited to share with you my 10 favorite Double Lobe Piercing Ideas.

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Top 10 Double Lobe Piercing Ideas

Double Lobe Piercing Ideas

These are the top 10 Double Lobe Piercing Ideas:

1. Silver Star and Chain Two Hole Earrings

These earrings feature silver stars suspended from a dainty chain, creating a visually striking and dynamic design. 

Silver Star and Chain Two Hole Earrings

2. Diamond Two Hole Drop Earrings with Chain

These exquisite earrings boast a unique design featuring two hoops suspended from delicate diamond studded chains.

Diamond Two Hole Drop Earrings with Chain

3. Classic and Minimalist

Opt for tiny pearl studs or modern geometric shapes like squares and triangles. You can also experiment with playful mismatched studs or wear cuff hoops around the earlobe, creating a unique, minimalist style.

4. Dazzling and Bold

Select double-sided hoops adorned with charms and colorful gemstone clusters. You can also opt for mini chandelier earrings, ear jackets, or chain earrings.

If you’re uncertain about whether to get a second piercing, take a look at our article addressing the question: Double Pierced Ears Out of Style.

5. Symmetric Double Lobe Piercings

Symmetric Double Lobe Piercings

Symmetric double lobe piercings mean getting two earrings side by side on the same earlobe. It’s a classic style that looks balanced and even. You can choose how far apart you want the piercings and use different earring types like studs or hoops to make it your unique look.

6. Transverse Lobe Piercings

Transverse Lobe Piercings

They are also known as horizontal lobe piercings. They are typically placed horizontally across the lobe, adding a modern and eye-catching element to your ear jewelry collection.

7. Offset Double Lobe Piercings

Offset Double Lobe Piercings

8. Vertical Double Lobe Piercings

Vertical Double Lobe Piercings

Vertical double lobe piercings are a cool and trendy way to personalize your ear piercings. They involve placing two holes in your earlobe, one right above the other, angled slightly toward the center of your ear. This gives a unique stacked look.

9. Inner and Outer Double Lobe Piercings

Inner and Outer Double Lobe Piercings

Inner Lobe Piercing is placed toward the center of the ear, providing a subtle look with small studs or hoops. Outer Lobe Piercing is towards the edge, offering a more visible appearance. Combining them creates a stylish, layered effect, allowing for creative jewelry expression.

10. Offset Double Lobe Piercings

Offset Double Lobe Piercings

How to Choose Your Double Lobe Piercing Ideas

Consider these things when choosing your Double Lobe Piercing Ideas:

  1. Consider Your Ear Shape: Consider how your ear naturally looks to find a spot that suits it well.
  2. Symmetry or Not: Decide if you want both sides to look the same or if you like a more casual, uneven style.
  3. Healing Matters: Pick a spot that’s easy to clean and won’t bother you while it heals.
  4. Consult with a Professional: Seek advice from a professional piercer who can provide insights into design options based on your ear anatomy and style preferences.
  5. Placement Matters: Decide on the placement that suits your preference, whether it’s symmetrical, asymmetrical, or follows the natural curve of your ear.

Explore our article on earring ideas for two ear holes for valuable insights into styling your double piercing.

Aftercare Tips for Double Lobe Piercing

Follow these aftercare tips to ensure your piercings stay healthy:

  1. Clean with Saline Solution: Use a saline solution to clean your piercings. This helps prevent infection and promotes healing. Avoid harsh cleaning agents.
  2. Gently Rotate Earrings: Gently rotate your earrings during cleaning to prevent them from sticking to the healing skin. Only rotate if the earrings move easily.
  3. Hands Off: Avoid touching your piercings with dirty hands. Only handle them when necessary, and always ensure your hands are clean.
  4. Avoid Sleeping on Fresh Piercings: During the initial healing period, avoid sleeping on the side of your fresh piercings to prevent unnecessary pressure and irritation.
  5. Be Mindful of Hair and Clothing: Take care that your hair and clothing don’t get tangled with your earrings. This helps prevent accidental tugging or irritation.
  6. Avoid Submerging in Water: Refrain from submerging your piercings in pools, hot tubs, or baths until they are fully healed to prevent infection.
  7. Limit Hair Products: Be cautious with hair products like hairspray around fresh piercings. These products can irritate the healing skin.
  8. Watch for Signs of Infection: Keep an eye out for signs of infection, such as increased redness, swelling, or discharge. If you notice any of these, consult a professional piercer or healthcare provider.
  9. Follow Professional Advice: If your piercer provides specific aftercare instructions, follow them diligently. They are tailored to your unique piercing and healing process.
  10. Be Patient: Healing times vary, but be patient. Avoid changing earrings too soon, and don’t rush the healing process.

FAQs on Double Lobe Piercing Ideas

These are the most frequently asked questions on double lobe piercing ideas:

How Do I Choose the Right Placement for Double Lobe Piercings?

Consider your ear anatomy, personal style, and desired aesthetic. Consult with a professional piercer for expert guidance tailored to your preferences.

Can I Mix and Match Earring Styles with Double Lobe Piercings?

Absolutely! Mixing studs, hoops, and other earring types allows for creative expression and a personalized look.

How Do I Care for My Double Lobe Piercings During the Healing Process?

Clean with a saline solution, gently rotate earrings during cleaning, avoid touching with dirty hands, and be mindful of hair and clothing to prevent irritation.

Can I Sleep on the Side of My Double Lobe Piercings During the Healing Period?

Avoid sleeping on the side of fresh piercings to prevent unnecessary pressure and irritation during the initial healing period.

How Long Does It Take for Double Lobe Piercings to Heal?

Healing times vary, but on average, it takes several weeks to a few months. Be patient and follow aftercare instructions for optimal healing.


Double Lobe Piercing Ideas offer a canvas for personal expression and creativity. Individuals can curate a unique and eye-catching look with various placement options and styling choices. Embrace the versatility of double lobe piercing as a means of self-expression and a reflection of individual style.

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