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Jezebel Magazine

"Jezebel's favorite online boutique owners and their hottest new items: [...] she started up shop in Atlanta in 2014 and has since grown, creating spikes, gems, and stamped cuffs for the contemporary fierce woman."


Sisters in Law wedding blog

Featured jewelry photographed by Love Stories Co. 

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Bicycling Magazine

"The tattooed jeweler-turned-cyclist has become a favorite for shots of her funky metalworking, as well as photo documentation of her exploits on the JAM Fund."

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"Rhys makes everything from spiky drop earrings to opal and diamond rings, but I immediately loved the lightheartedness of the rings stamped with messages like “Barf,” “Ugh,” and “Merde,” — French for “shit,” so, like, it’s a little bit fancier than regular “shit.” 

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Atlanta Magazine

"...An artfully arranged selection of jewelry from more than a dozen Atlanta designers. Pick up edgy knife stud earrings by metalsmith Rhys May." 

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The Radavist

"Stoked for Team Dream Team and Ride With Ringtail on opening their store in Los Angeles... Those Rhys May necklaces look great!"

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Athena Magazine

Trifecta Necklace in editorial spread, photographed by Ian Mcfarlane. 

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Southern Living 

"Community: This shop features Athens' artsy community with items made by local and regional designers. Shop brands such as Rhys May Jewelry." 

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Ampersand Magazine 

"May values the homemade and one-of-a-kind in each piece."