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"Wait, you do everything?!"

With my two trusty hands. I saw, solder, hammer, file, sand, polish, and stone set all the things! Sometimes I make a mold of an item I make lots of, or even sculpt in wax if I'm feeling adventurous, and get it cast into metal by a small company here in the US. They send me the rough goods and I finish them here at RMJ headquarters. 

Then I photograph, pack, and ship all the things to the excellent humans who order them. 

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"I want a custom order."

I bet I can make it pretty awesome. Email me for a quote and a timeframe. Always happy to send you sketches, and photos of previous things that could be similar to your unique thing. 

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"Can I get my item faster?"

Most likely, yes. Contact me about the specific item in question so I can make sure I have the materials on hand. If i need to re-up on metal or a stone it can take longer, but usually I can hustle and get an item shipped out within two business days if needed. 

I generally ship items first class with tracking, but can upgrade as needed:

Priority Mail $6.65

Priority Express $23.75



Priority $31.75

Global Express $62

*For upgrade requests, email me at

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"Can I wear it in the shower?"

Short answer: if its sterling silver or gold, yes, if not, it might need some polishing.

In general, the more an item is worn, the more it gets polished by your skin and clothing and will stay shiny. Brass and bronze don't like humidity as much, and can patina and turn skin green. Skin coloration comes off with soap or hand sanitizer, and jewelry can be repolished with a polishing cloth (I like Rio Grande's Sunshine Cloth) or even just with a lemon. In general, care for jewelry by not leaving it in a humid place, and wearing often.

If your jewelry is damaged by normal wear and tear, I'm happy to repair it for free. If it got run over, dropped 10 stores, or otherwise, just email me. 

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"WTF is a headbadge?"

They go on the headtube (front part under the handlebars) of a bicycle. I custom make them to order. 

Check out my etsy listing (here) for lots of photos of custom ones I've made. 

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"Do you recycle metal/ are you an environmentally responsible business?"

Certified recycling nerd over here. I melt all of my precious metal scraps and mill them myself-- melting metal is one of the most fun things ever! For brass and other metals I can't melt down to re-use in my studio, I just make use out of every scrap I can, and send the rest off to be re-used somewhere. 

I love being outside, and I make every effort I can to keep it beautiful out there. All of my work surfaces are roadside finds (Easthampton is gold for curb scores!) and I love wrapping up orders with found/upcycled materials.