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Everything is made by hand, by Rhys. 


(It is often hammertime)


Rhys May Jewelry is created with the intention of bringing confidence to the wearer. We're all unique and beautiful and deserve to be adorned in a daily celebration of that. You do you. 


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 Cover/lookbook photos by Love Stories Co. // @lovestoriesco

Hair: Washington Square Studio // @washingtonsquarestudio

Makeup: Brandi Deleshaw // @brandideleshaw

Location: The Diana House //


Rhys graduated from the University of Georgia in 2012 with a BFA degree in jewelry and metalsmithing. She started her business out of a bike shop in 2014 and creates everything by hand in sterling silver, brass, bronze and gold-- from elegant statement necklaces with jewels and spikes to cuffs stamped with "Fuck Yeah" to custom headbadges to adorn bicycles.